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------ Age rating 12+ ------

Choose your story.
January 1st, 2009. A car crashes in the middle of Shibuya. You wake up in a hospital with no memory of your past, yet everyone around you has expectations about who you need to become: will you play by their rules or will you try to discover who you were before that fateful accident? 


Your choices shape the game!
The game remembers your attitude and will provide different choice menus depending on your previous decisions.

Be a manipulative bastard or just be good!
You can choose between two different approaches: to be a manipulative mastermind or to follow the path of righteousness. Or, if you're savvy enough... You can choose both and have a double life! But be aware that if you go too far with your mean tricks you might not be able to go back...

Solve the mystery!
Thick clouds have been covering the Tokyo's sky since the day of your accident... It turns out that you are the only witness of a mysterious event! Solve minigames and collect pieces of your lost memories in order to figure out what's going on.

Choose your girl!
Three potential romances awaits you: Fujisa, the rich and beautiful heiress of a financial empire; Suzume, the girl from your past; and Minami, unpredictable and dangerous. Each of them will unveil a different path you can use to solve the mystery that's haunting Tokyo! Who will you choose?

Travel between two cities!
Kujikawa, a peaceful city in the countryside, and Tokyo, the big metropolis are the two places the story takes place in. Visit them, attend events and interact with people. And remember to save money for all the train rides you need to move from one to the other!

Explore maps!
During the breaks from the main story you'll be able to explore the locations, talk to other characters or complete side quests.

One extra, secret route!
Will you be able to save everybody? A side-mystery to solve and a secret heroine to rescue!

Collect cards!
Solve minigames, unlock events, be meticulous! For each achievement accomplished, you'll get a collectible card portraying one of the characters wearing an alternative outfit!

More than 15 main characters to meet!
You can enjoy an "otome" atmosphere throughout the game! Interact with more than fifteen unique characters with a wide variety of dialogue choices!


Pitch Black Serenade in short:

★ Slice of life/ Paranormal mystery VN.
★ Travel between two cities and two different lives.
★ Attitude choices to shape the main character's personality.
★ Choose your romance according to how you intend to solve the mystery.
★ Three main routes and multiple endings.
★ Original story set in 2012 Japan.
★ Anime-style inspired original art.
★ High replay value.

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