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What if you suddenly forget about everything
And others are the ones who tell you who you are?

Would you trust their words?
Or would you look for the true you?
Even if what you have lost might be your worst memory ever….?

"Pitch Black Serenade" is a visual novel in which the player needs to solve a paranormal mystery and find the truth about the main character's past.

During his last year in high school, Kairi Nakajo was involved in a car accident which caused him total amnesia. Almost immediately after he was discharged from hospital, his parents broke the news that they had decided to move back to their hometown - the tranquil city of Kujikawa, 300 km south of Tokyo. Kairi was forced to move with them, basically cutting every direct link he had with his past.

Three years have passed, and although Kairi has been able to attend university, therapy has failed and he has not managed to get any of his memories back. In the meantime, he has grown suspicious of his parents, who appear to have been trying to replace his missing memories with new ones. The new memories seem to have been carefully chosen in order to mold a new Kairi, who would more closely resemble their ideal son.

With Kairi about to graduate from university and debut at an important law firm, as well as marry the head attorney's only daughter Fujisa Komine, he faces a weird paranormal event that seems to connect directly to the many contradictions in his life. So, it's time to look for the truth by going back to the old Tokyo and meeting all the people from his past...

(Revised and arranged with the courtesy of Xolf.)

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