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Kairi moves to Kujikawa City during his last year in high school and right after getting involved in the car accident that compromised his long-term memory.
Fujisa is known as the "Madonna" of Eizono High School for her good character and refined beauty. She's the only heiress to a prestigious law firm and, for some reasons, yearns to visit Tokyo.
Teru has been the closest friend to Fujisa since they were children. He eventually fell in love with her, but hesitated to confess his feeling. When Kairi moves to Kujikawa and begins to date Fujisa he's forced to give up...
Cry is the host of the Choumugai, the red light district of Kujikawa City. He welcomes customers and provides them with masks so that they can enjoy the district in anonymity. Cry's mask resembles a crow.
Isahai-sensei is Kairi's neuro doctor. Prior to their encounter, Isahai had grown tired of his job and wanted to become a pediatrician. However, Kairi's case awakened his interest for brain studies again (and made him develop an awkward attachment towards Kairi too!)
A cheerful girl living in a big mansion in Kujikawa City. Two things seem to make her worry the most: rumors about paranormal events and her older brother.

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