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[Week 96]

*:....:*・゜Table of contents *:....:*・゜
  • Gifts and Features
  • A Guide to PBS Patreon
  • What About This Blog
  • From Here On Out

Pitch Black Serenade's demo has been released for a week now and I'm very grateful for all the visits and downloads it received! 💜 Thank you for giving it a try!

If you haven't yet, you can download the demo here (or check the download page of this website!): 

Gifts and features.
During the past days, PBS had received quite the support!

The release was featured on Gosatsu VN's weekly blog post! Waah! 💝 It's such an honor!

Gosatsu's writer and artist, Gospel himself drew this cute fanart of Fujisa to celebrate the release!

And... another pretty Fujisa has been gifted by the awesome Khanachi! 💝

Fujisa seems to be really loved! This makes me happy of course!

Over the past week, a lot of supporting messages arrived as well! That feels incredibly warm and helps with the tension, so I'm super grateful!

A guide to PBS's Patreon.
PBS's Patreon has been up for a week too and seven posts have already been written!

But how does this page work exactly? As explained last week, there are three tiers and this is what they are about.

(Note: both Backstage Pass and Fan tier give you access to the digital copy of PBS Chapter 2 for free. Said chapter will be 3 hours long as the demo was, and will contain characters and places from the second location of the game: Tokyo. Price is estimated to be about 2 or 3 USD.)

  • Choose Fan if your main interest is to read the updates of the development of the Tokyo Arc. Since such posts will be private I will include far more details and behind-the-scenes than I've ever did on this blog.

  • Choose Backstage Pass if you want to support the development to a higher degree (Oh, wow! Thank you!) or to have access to every behind-the-scene I'm going to go through. As a special reward you're going to get the two art books (for chapters 1 and 2) and you will be able to play through the scenes of the story months ahead the game is complete.

  • The Supporter tier can be seen as a 'tip jar'. Every support is of great help for the development, so I prepared this tier for whoever would like to help out! I plan to post one speed paint video every 7-10 days especially for this tier among the other benefits!

  • What if you do not intend to use Patreon but still want to support the development? Spreading the word can help a lot! If you liked the demo, just let your friends and circle know about it! Or again, you don't feel like investing in PBS? From time to time I'm going to make public some of the past posts on Patreon so you will eventually be able to access a few interesting insights later on!

What about this blog?
Does all this Patreon thing mean that I'm not going to write anymore on these pages?

It's quite a different matter! It's true that I started a Patreon page to gather funds and develop the next part of PBS but I also thought it was necessary to have such a place for me to show what I'm working on from now on.

I've started this blog because I wanted to write about my work and post art about the game as soon as I would produce it. It wasn't always possible. I didn't want to reveal everything about the game and ruin the unique experience you get only by playing it. I think that getting surprised about a CG or an event is very important so I was never able to write about everything.

Yet, there were times when I had posted screenshots I didn't want to post for the same reason. But I had to eventually reveal something about the game so I needed to do it. Also, it was for a free demo and of course my aim was to get players interested in it.

So now there's a demo available and new players can get a glimpse of how the game is going to unfold. About the new development phase, I'd like to have it a bit more reserved.

The blog is not going to stop here. I guess that a post mortem or a guide to the demo would be quite the fun to write! There's also other stuff I'd like to talk about. And of course I plan to post updates from time to time too! Only, they will be not so frequent for the reasons I've just explained.

That being said, I hope you'll be looking forward for my future posts! For a few weeks from now, updates will happen regularly as they've been doing until now, too!

From here on out.
So what are my plans for the next months? What I'm working on right now and what I'm going to work on? Well, here's the list!

  • I've already started the development for PBS Chapter 2: Tokyo Days. I need to create a new location from the ground up and sadly I can't reuse the assets I made for the demo. During these first months I will focus on the concept art and reference sheets for all the characters (you can already look at Shin's one on Patreon), planning the scenario and defining the locations.

  • I need to implement some gameplay elements in the demo/Chapter 1 so that players can continue playing Chapter 2 from there.

  • I plan to release a PDF art/guide/memorial book in December covering the demo portion and I've already started the production.


That's all for this week's update! Hey, I hope you'll be looking forward for what's coming next! 

Thank you for reading, see ya next week! 🙌💜

From Here On Out.

[Week 95]

*:....:*・゜Table of contents *:....:*・゜
  • Try Out the Demo!
  • PBS Patreon has launched!
  • Artists Who Collaborated for PBS
  • Gifts for Players

Try out the Demo!
95 weeks! 665 days! After all this time spent working on it, the demo is finally out! 🎆🎇🎉

If you'd like to give a chance to Kairi and the other characters of this extravagant, paranormal story, please consider downloading it and playing it! Of course, I'd be incredibly glad if it becomes of your interest!

(If you'd like to download it from a Mediafire mirror, please check the download page of this website.)

You can find details about the story, the characters and the gameplay either on this very website, either on the new established itch.io page. 

However, to make it brief, this is a story about lies. Characters who lie and who are lied to. It's just a short part of the whole game but, as a writer, I hope that these themes I wrote about can reach and touch the players.

PBS Patreon has launched!
Together with the release of the demo, I launched Patreon too!
Its aim is to fund, partly or completely, the future releases of Pitch Black Serenade and to let Patrons access to the process of development.

Click to access the Patreon Page!

One speed paint video for the lowest tier has already been added! I hope you'll consider giving it a try!

Pledges are divided into three tiers, here's a summary of what you will find:

Artists who collaborated for PBS.
Now, a very important slice of the development of PBS: friends, artists and programmers who collaborated to make the release of the demo possible.

NovelistEzhno from MoeWritings: early -and not only- skilled proofreader and Kairi's #1 fan!w If I could add many nuances to the characters' dialogues is thanks to him! 

Gospel from GosatsuVN: I wouldn't have even started coding the game without his help in proofreading the script. Literally! A great and irreplaceable support as well!

Anton Strickland from Goldbar Games: he programmed the fun, food mini game you can play during the story! Have you noticed the order of the items is randomized every time you play it? : D

Natsu from GosatsuVN and Prismanga: the game would still contain typos and bugs without her thorough and precious help! (And I enjoy so much playing Danganronpa with her! ♡)

Khanachi from MoeWritings: great help in betatesting, proofreading and finding bugs! PBS wouldn't be as polished and bugs-free without her great help!

Livestraes: she tested and believed in the story when it wasn't even a vn! A big help in deciding what to keep and what to erase during the early stages and one great support too!

I'm immensely grateful for all the time and the support these fellow artists and developer dedicated to PBS! 🌟 If you seek quality works, I hope you'll consider checking their pages!

Gifts for players.
Would you like to get a little gift to take with you after playing Pitch Black Serenade? I've prepared a few Twitter Icons in the download page! I hope you'll like them! 🌟

Click to check the icons!


More info about the release and what else is in program will be disclosed next week! In the meantime I hope you'll have fun playing the demo!

Thank you for reading, see ya next week! 🙌💜

The demo is out! ☆

[Week 94]

*:....:*・゜Table of contents *:....:*・゜
  • New Website!
  • Demo Support Campaign: September Illustrations.

Only one week left until the demo release! 🌟

The last days to perform all the necessary beta testing and pack the game. And that's not all! Other preparations are meant to be completed as well.

One of them will be the new website, about which you'll be able to read in this post. Then I plan to open a Patreon page, in the hope to collect some funds and create the next chapters of the story. Then of course the itch.io page is ready to be published and will be the main place where to download the game.

New website!
This blog served well for the past two years and I'm going to use it for a little longer. However a new home page is being built and will be online within the end of 2018. It will contain a link to this blog so it will be possible to read all the past posts any moment.

Why a new home page? Well, I'd like to have a landing page that's easier to consult with a news feed concerning the development and the releases.

Story, Characters and System will be easily accessible from there and hence removed from this blog. 

The Gallery will mostly contain high resolution CGs from the game, but I plan to keep some official art there too.

The Download section will contain all the chapters of the game already released and ready to be downloaded as well as those coming soon. 

Then I plan to have a Special section, where you will be able to download Twitter icons and Desktop/Smartphone wallpapers as well as a Goods page where the merchandise will be listed and explained in details.

There will be a Blog there too, reporting news from behind the scenes of the development. A new section will be introduced as well and it's called Introduction. Here you will be able to read the premises for the paranormal mystery that's going to be explain in the second chapter of the game. This way, after playing the demo you will have access to a preview of what to expect next.

Demo support campaign: September illustrations.
The inked portraits for the demo support campaign that was held in September were shipped and reached their destination safely! 🚡💨  

The campaign continues in October too! 

You can order a portrait of one of the main characters of Pitch Black Serenade that will be shipped directly to your house and have your name featured in the ending credits of the demo.

More details here.

If you'd like to have your logo or website displayed before the title screen or in the ending credits you can pledge for it as well. More details here and here.

All the money collected this way will fund the programming fees and the yearly fees to run this website. 


(From Senran Kagura PBS 😆)

The beta testing for Pitch Black Serenade will continue with the purpose to deliver a bug-free and enjoyable game! The demo releases on Saturday 20th, stay tuned for all the details on the official Twitter !

Thank you for reading, see ya next week! 🙌💜

-1 week to the demo release!

[Week 93]

*:....:*・゜Table of contents *:....:*・゜
  • PBS Cover Art Speed Paint Video
  • Demo Support Campaign is Open for October

Only two weeks until the demo release! 🌟

There's still quite a lot to prepare but the software is now complete and ready to undergo the beta testing.

During the next days the itch.io page, the download page on this website and the lemma soft post will be prepared in order for everything to work fine on the release day.

Before going through the technical details though, I'd like to report the progresses done on the cover art.

Such picture is going to be the official art for the game and it's depicting Kairi and Suzume, one of the romanceable heroines. There's no trace of her in the soon-to-be released demo though, since this part of the game is focused on Fujisa's route. For this reason, my plan is to have a different cover for the demo very soon. 

I plan to post the complete picture some day closer to the release date, and for the moment I prepared the speed paint video. I hope you'll enjoy it! 🌟

PBS cover art speed paint video.

Demo Support Campaign is open for October.

The inked portraits for the demo support campaign of September are ready and about to be shipped! 🌟

But the campaign continues in October too! 

You can order a portrait of one of the main characters of Pitch Black Serenade that will be shipped directly to your house and have your name featured in the ending credits of the demo.

More details here.

If you'd like to have your logo or website displayed before the title screen or in the ending credits you can pledge for it as well. More details here and here.

All the money collected this way will fund the programming fees and the yearly fees to run this website. 


It's all for this week's report! Please have a great time!😉

Thank you for reading, see ya next week! 🙌💜

Cover art speed paint video

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