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Posted by : Kuna (admin) Sunday, August 12, 2018

[Week 85]

*:....:*・゜Table of contents *:....:*・゜
  • Early Screenshots
  • Coding's Progresses
  • PBS's Merchandise First Disclosure

I'm happy to start this post saying that we're gradually approaching a release date for the demo! 🎇 The coding is planned to be finished within August, and in September I'm going to put the last touches. So it's likely that the demo will be out during Autumn! 🍁

Early screenshots.
Part of me doesn't want to spoiler anything about PBS gaming experience but I also think that it's rather rightful to show you a preview of what the game is going to be like, especially to the people who's been following the development for a long time. 

(Note that the GUI is still incomplete).

The first scene is set in front of the Choumugai entrance and the mysterious host Cry arrives to welcome Kairi and invite him into the red-light district.

Indeed Kairi gets super suspicious about it...

The second scene has a quite different atmosphere. It's a sunny morning in Oudou, the rich district of Kujikawa and players can get the first pieces of information about the "spririted away" mystery that afflicts the story, from a TV program.

...And a bored girl is apparently annoyed because she can't be part of the menace...? 😓
(Also, Kairi is nowhere to be seen in this scene...)

Before she leaves for school, a mysterious finding takes place too...! 😕


Coding's progresses.
As today the words count of the coding amounts to 23,539 words!

The demo has currently 9/10 scenes and 19 choice menus. A mini game still needs to be implemented as well.

A playtest by Livestraes of the coded (and debugged) part was done earlier today. She read through it in two hours (normal speed). (And well, she had fun lol)

PBS's merchandise first disclosure.
With the demo release approaching some promotional merchandise will be produced as well. Some of it will have a commemorative purpose to celebrate this first release, and its availability will be limited in time. This is the early disclosure for the planned merchandise release:

  • Keychain set (Kujikawa Arc): will include Kairi, Fujisa, Teru, Isahai and "alt ver. Kairi".
  • A mini booklet (Kujikawa Arc): a ten-page digital booklet with rough sketches of the sprites and backgrounds. In other words, a "collectors' mini behind-the-scenes". It will be free but its avalaibility will be limited in time. (Because with new progresses in development, new and updated booklets will be released).
  • An Artbook (Kujikawa Arc): a forty-page, digital artbook with professional layout, containing sprites' espressions and poses, background artworks and work in progresses and the behind-the-scenes documents (even photos) with comments. The costs (PDF) will be 19,00 €. 


New screenshots are coming soon! 
Thank you for reading, see ya next week!🙌💜

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