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Posted by : Kuna (admin) Sunday, July 15, 2018

[Week 81]

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  • The System Page Explained (Part II)
  • Official Twitter Account

The System page explained (part II)
The second and final part of the "guidebook" to Pitch Black Serenade's features! Like last time, I'm going to cover the points contained in the System page. Go check the first part if you haven't done it yet! 😉

     Travel between two cities. This is a feature that will appear in the full game, while in the demo the player's trips are going to be fixed. As already mentioned, PBS's story takes place in two cities, Tokyo and Kujikawa, separated by a 300-km train trip. After the initial introduction of the story, the player will have the chance to move freely from time to time. "Freely" includes taking the train and change city!

I was first inspired by Ace Attorney series for this feature. In those games you usually need to interrogate the accused while in jail, but they won't reveal certain information unless you provide the necessary clues. Such clues are not in the player's possession at first, but they can be found by going back to investigating some significant places for the crime. The basis of this interaction can be summarized this way: interrogation > locked information > back on the crime scene > new clues > information is now unlocked.

I'd like to have a similar interaction for PBS too. The difference is that such a gameplay will be entirely optional. I'm planning to leave clues here and there to push the player linking them and further investigate. So for example, if they observe something peculiar in Tokyo they may find a connection to something else happening in Kujikawa.

To do these extra travels, the player will be asked money. There are various ways to collect it, one is the allowance our main character gets every Monday... but only if he's in good terms with his parents! 😌

     Explore maps. Once the player is left free they will be able to explore the locations up and down. This means, going around Kujikawa and Kairi's house for example. Maps will show characters' position to interact with them (or avoid them!) and it will be possible to explore backgrounds completely. Clues await there in the background artworks, as well as second chances to play the minigames.

     One extra, secret route. It revolves around a female character but it won't be a romanceable one. This extra route is rather short and will be contained in all the main routes. In other words, it's an extra story and solving it won't end the game. Going through it will only complete the playing experience and solve some doubts.

Was it necessary to include an extra route? Yes, it's part of the story. The clues to start it will be given during the main story but it's up to the player whether to investigate about it or not, or even finding out how to do it.

     Collect cards. I loved this feature from mobile games, especially my favorite one which is Ai★chuu! So I really want to implement it in PBS. Cards will be unlocked whenever a minigame is played for the second time outside of the story (this means that it first needs to be found), or whenever Kairi does something exceptional, like persisting in some activity or behavior for a long time.

     More than 15 main characters to meet. Tokyo will definitely have a very "otome" atmosphere, with plenty of male attractive characters, funny dialogue lines and a sort of "bromance" between Kairi and Shin. 

I used to really enjoy only a few anime for girls and fujoshi so I don't think I can call myself a true fan of the genre. But I was for those titles, and I really liked how they worked and how such genre can entertain its audience. My plan is to build a similar atmosphere for the Tokyo Arc.

Official Twitter account.
I've been using my own account to tweet about PBS so far but I guess it's finally time to have a proper one. You can find it @pbserenade!

I'm going to post updates and info about PBS and retweet other similar games' news as well! 


I've been relentlessly working on the assets for the past week and plan to do the same during the next one!  
Thank you for reading, see ya next week!🙌💜

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