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Posted by : Kuna (admin) Sunday, July 8, 2018

[Week 80]

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  • The System Page Explained (Part I)

Writing from our cozy apartment for summer holidays! 😎🌴🌞
After taking a few days off to recharge the spirit, it's time to go back to work again! For this new entry I'm going to explain in detail another part of the new System page. Hope you enjoy reading it! 😋

The System page explained (part 1).
In the previous post, I illustrated what the Pitch Black Serenade in short section was. This time let's focus on the first half of the extended features list!

     Choose your story. The Story page on this website has been providing a short insight about what the plot of PBS is like. The starting point for all the events in the game is the car accident Kairi gets involved in during his last year in high school. From that point onward, Kairi suffers amnesia and the rest of the story is about getting his memories back despite the obstacles he encounters.

This is PBS's story in short and when I first wrote it as a novel, it only was just a matter of story. But since I decided to turn it into a game, I thought that it would have been great to let the gameplay revolving around this problem too! So that's what the game is about: getting Kairi's memories back or not getting them. Playing along society's rule or being a rebel. The choice is left to the player and there will be different and logical consequences to each path.

     Your choices shape the game. This part has to do with the choice system which I'm going to explain in one of the next posts. Choice menus will contain or not contain options, depending on what the player chose in the previous menu. Each choice reflects one of the attitudes the player can take on a case-by-case basis.

     Be a manipulative bastard or just be good. In other words, choose between the two attitudes and proceed with the story. As the previous bullet point, this is related to the choice system too. 

There are only two ways Kairi can approach the situations, one is honest while the other is manipulative. The game gives the player different contexts to play both ways and it is possible (or even recommended 😇) to have a double life, aka to behave differently depending on the people Kairi interacts with. The manipulative approach has a danger though: indulging too much in it will cause the honest choices to disappear from menus forever.

     Solve the mystery. This is the first time I reveal about such a detail: Kairi turns out to be the only witness to a mysterious event. 

In one of the gameplay trailers, Kairi mentions that Tokyo is highly polluted, its sky is grey and its air is toxic. The pollution news is what media show to people but the whole problem is actually related to some paranormal events. And that's not all. There's a second paranormal happening yet to be mentioned and it will be soon in the demo.

The two mysteries together provide the adventure scenario for Kairi, in addition to the slice-of-life one. The fact that he's the only witness to the mysteries lets him play the main role in both parts of the story.

     Choose your girl. Nothing that I haven't already talked about. Once that the mystery is fully presented to the player, choosing one of the three girls becomes a significant move to proceed with the story. Fujisa will give the player the opportunity to unfold their destiny in Kujikawa, while Minami and Suzume will explicitly provide two different ways to work on the paranormal events.    


I'm going to cover the second part of the System features in the next post and provide new information about maps, collectible cards and characters
Thank you for reading, see ya next week!🙌💜

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