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Posted by : Kuna (admin) Sunday, February 25, 2018

[Week 61]

*:....:*・゜Table of contents *:....:*・゜
  • Kairi for Ezhno
  • About Quitting Day Job
  • Commissions' Terms of Use  

Short and intimate entry to end February month 😀 I'll be back with PBS actual progresses very soon!

"Kairi for Ezhno." 

There's nothing more energizing and powerful as friends' and fans' support! 💜 Even when your project is still small and slowly growing, sincere support and love is some kind of wealth! PBS is going on because of it for the most part!

So what's with the unusual title of this entry? 

It's about an artwork. Ezhno is a friend and talented writer who's helping me in proofreading and making the script of PBS gracious to read! So when he requested an artwork of Kairi I decided to have it named after him! A new artwork adds to PBS gallery then, and featuring two versions.

  1. Spring is close! Kairi wearing the alternative outfit that was discharged. Click to enlarge.

"Starry sky inspired" version. Click to enlarge
Apparently, the "tie outfit" is not going to get forgotten so easily, eheh! So grateful I got a chance to draw it again! (If you'd like to have a preview about the relationship between the player and Kairi, get a look at my latest Instagram post!)

About quitting day job.
This is going to be personal, so if you're on this blog just for the gamedev part feel free to skip the following part. But I guess this journal is going to be a complete "chronicle" of PBS's development so, here we go with a private comment and report about this decision of mine.

As I've already announced before, I'm quitting my day job to work full time on PBS, especially on the demo whose release looks always too far despite the long work. I decided to do this leap more than one year ago and spent 2017 training for it, especially about the psychological part (you know, facing the fact that I'm going to pay a rent without a salary and similar stuff) 😔 Have my training worked? 😔 Well... this last week, my last at job, was not that easy, mentally talking.

I guess it's going to be tougher that I thought... But I truly wanted to do this. It's not to brag around and say "I'm a neet" lol. I see I can learn a lot from such experience.

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking too much space. - G-Eazy

So this was a short report about how I was doing. I guess I'll update you with news from time to time. Gotta put my best and work on PBS demo! 😀

Commissions' Terms of Use.
I have to apologize to everyone who kindly commissioned artworks from me for I've yet to  publish the terms of use policy about it! I believe this is not the most proper place to do it officially but let me drop one or two lines while we wait for a definitive guide. 😅
  • You can delete my sign and edit the artwork as it best suits you. You can sell prints featuring it (ask permission to the legal owner if the character I drew for you was a fanart) and any other items of your choices which reproduces the art in question. I'll only reserve my right to use said artwork to fill my portfolio or to show to new customers publicly or privately.
  • I'll be glad if you credit me (use my Twitter account @nagatsukkomi or my nickname KUNA) but it's not strictly needed. 
I have these two bullet points for now and I'm going to increase them as new ones come to my mind. Just wanted to make sure that what you buy from me -when it's a dedicated artwork- is ultimately yours. 😉

I'm going to take three days off from gamedev and focus on the become-a-neet part 😇 Not sure if next entry is going to be a journal page or a tutorial, let's see!
Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜

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