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[Week 61]

*:....:*・゜Table of contents *:....:*・゜
  • Kairi for Ezhno
  • About Quitting Day Job
  • Commissions' Terms of Use  

Short and intimate entry to end February month 😀 I'll be back with PBS actual progresses very soon!

"Kairi for Ezhno." 

There's nothing more energizing and powerful as friends' and fans' support! 💜 Even when your project is still small and slowly growing, sincere support and love is some kind of wealth! PBS is going on because of it for the most part!

So what's with the unusual title of this entry? 

It's about an artwork. Ezhno is a friend and talented writer who's helping me in proofreading and making the script of PBS gracious to read! So when he requested an artwork of Kairi I decided to have it named after him! A new artwork adds to PBS gallery then, and featuring two versions.

  1. Spring is close! Kairi wearing the alternative outfit that was discharged. Click to enlarge.

"Starry sky inspired" version. Click to enlarge
Apparently, the "tie outfit" is not going to get forgotten so easily, eheh! So grateful I got a chance to draw it again! (If you'd like to have a preview about the relationship between the player and Kairi, get a look at my latest Instagram post!)

About quitting day job.
This is going to be personal, so if you're on this blog just for the gamedev part feel free to skip the following part. But I guess this journal is going to be a complete "chronicle" of PBS's development so, here we go with a private comment and report about this decision of mine.

As I've already announced before, I'm quitting my day job to work full time on PBS, especially on the demo whose release looks always too far despite the long work. I decided to do this leap more than one year ago and spent 2017 training for it, especially about the psychological part (you know, facing the fact that I'm going to pay a rent without a salary and similar stuff) 😔 Have my training worked? 😔 Well... this last week, my last at job, was not that easy, mentally talking.

I guess it's going to be tougher that I thought... But I truly wanted to do this. It's not to brag around and say "I'm a neet" lol. I see I can learn a lot from such experience.

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking too much space. - G-Eazy

So this was a short report about how I was doing. I guess I'll update you with news from time to time. Gotta put my best and work on PBS demo! 😀

Commissions' Terms of Use.
I have to apologize to everyone who kindly commissioned artworks from me for I've yet to  publish the terms of use policy about it! I believe this is not the most proper place to do it officially but let me drop one or two lines while we wait for a definitive guide. 😅
  • You can delete my sign and edit the artwork as it best suits you. You can sell prints featuring it (ask permission to the legal owner if the character I drew for you was a fanart) and any other items of your choices which reproduces the art in question. I'll only reserve my right to use said artwork to fill my portfolio or to show to new customers publicly or privately.
  • I'll be glad if you credit me (use my Twitter account @nagatsukkomi or my nickname KUNA) but it's not strictly needed. 
I have these two bullet points for now and I'm going to increase them as new ones come to my mind. Just wanted to make sure that what you buy from me -when it's a dedicated artwork- is ultimately yours. 😉

I'm going to take three days off from gamedev and focus on the become-a-neet part 😇 Not sure if next entry is going to be a journal page or a tutorial, let's see!
Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜

"Kairi for Ezhno"

[Week 60]

*:....:*・゜Table of contents *:....:*・゜
  • Chronicles of A Difficult 3D Rendering 

Where were we? Oh, right. Gotta complete the Club background art topic!😉
(Another short post as art takes time.) 

Chronicles of a difficult 3D rendering.
Aka, Kerkythea won't comply about simultaneously rendering the emitting light of twelve light bulbs no matter what...!💦 But let's proceed in order.

Since I've done the same with the Cafeteria background, I'll post a short video of the 3D model.

Actually I got caught up in the process of modelling and ended up adding a bunch of items that won't even show up in the scene (as the sofas)... However, even after removing unnecessary items I couldn't render the lights, as the problem was probably the complexity of lights and shadows to create. I'm not expert so I'm just guessing 😌

In the end, my meticulous rainbow fluorescent setup was useless and I had to paint the lights over a plain render myself. (I managed to get one with the proper illumination and proceeded with brushes.)

This means that the incriminating CG background art is kind of completed! I guess that the angle is also good for a regular background to use with sprites and to let the player visit this club outside of the CG. 

Next week (19-25) is script and CG work again. Gotta complete this scene and move on. The next part is going to be quite funny in gameplay! 😀

Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜

Chronicles of a difficult 3D rendering.

[Week 59]

*:....:*・゜Table of contents *:....:*・゜
  • The "Club" Background Art
  • Mature Content?


Few progresses this past week due to Carnival celebrations in town (my day job is tourism related), but I'm quite happy with what I accomplished nevertheless! Let's start with our usual tour then! 💃💨

The "Club" background art.
Last week I introduced the preview for a new CG art. It was still missing a background which I was forced to delay due to technical issues. Solved that, I started working on it.
3D model done with SketchUP.
The art in question should either have worked as the background for the CG and as a ordinary background art for other scenes with sprites. "Should" because that's easily accomplished with 3D models but... I just found out that my 3D rendering program is not so able to render neons and lights... 💧 So after several days of slow renders and frozen screens I may actually use this location only as a CG art. Anyway, that shouldn't hurt the story so no worries! 😇

I love how neon lights come out but I'll probably be forced to render one light at once because apparently Kerkythea isn't letting me doing otherwise... 💦

That being said, which location could this ever be in terms of story?

Back in 2016 I worked on a background art set in Kujikawa city center. The place, called Choumugai, is known as the "red-light distict" or the "night club avenue", and has a bad reputation throughout Kujikawa for its promiscuous lifestyle.

Said bar counter art is from one of the Choumugai clubs. More will be unfolded in the game. (And hope you remember Cry, the host of Choumugai 😎).

(Funniest part was to shot real life reference 🍸 lol)
Mature content?
All this talking about "red-light districts" and "night-clubs" makes me wonder about the rating I should communicate about the game. 😑 I've been presenting the trailers as they were for a general audience but I doubt I can publish the final game and the demo as such.

It's a quite complicated issue for me because I still have to gather info about it before deciding. One thing's sure, it's not a game for young people. But I also think it's not for adults only either. I just need to understand how explicit its contents are going to be. Despite not containing nude, sex and such, I guess some themes are not very suitable for all ages.

Just wanted to warn about this. Since the official trailer and the demo draw closer I need to think about the rating as well.

Next week (12-18) I'm going to work on some script and hopefully ultimate the "mysterious CG". 

Thank you for reading, see ya! 🙌💜

The "Club" location.

[Week 58]

*:....:*・゜Table of contents *:....:*・゜
  • New CG Art
  • Japanese Name Suffixes


It's Carnival here in Venice. Meaning... double shifts at day job to cope with massive tourism! 😨 However, it's my last month at workplace. After that I'll be able to gamedev full time and can't wait for it! 

Today's post is going to be shorter than the latest entries. Producing art often slows your pace somehow, hehe.

New CG art.
CGs in PBS are quite particular, aren't they? At least compared to otome games or games aimed at a female audience in general. I'm talking about widescreen art of a single character shown in a pretty pose for an "epic" introduction and such that PBS currently lacks. (Actually I'm curious if anyone knows some female oriented visual novels with unusual CGs!)

Rather than that, for PBS what I've drawn till now are:
  • car accident
  • sickbed
  • food
  • oh yeah, a close-up of Kairi's face (but he was cornered by an angry punk...)
Tiny, delicate Kairi cornered by a giant angry punk before the time skip 💛

I'd like to provide pretty full-body illustrations of characters as well but at the moment my priority is the story. (I'm not even sure such CGs would fit the game actually...)

However, having Kairi only shown as a little head portrait embedded in the textbox looked a bit summary to me, he's the main character after all. Therefore I'm glad I've finally arrived to a point in the development where I can show him half-body in an expressing pose.

Here's a work in progress.
The fact that I'm drawing a masked Kairi while there's Carnival in town is purely a funny coincidence lol.
Okay... maybe not exactly the half-body pose and CG everyone was going to expect...

I won't comment on this picture yet. It can mean many different things and it's deeply connected to the story itself so... no spoiler, this way you can enjoy the game : D I'm curious about your guesses ahah. But I really want to save any answer for the demo release.

I usually draw characters and at the same time I build up my background art with SketchUp, but I had to delay this last part because my mouse broke and couldn't properly use my 3D program. Finding a new one in Venice had been both difficult and expensive (slightly better than ordering it on Amazon with shipping fees though) but I'm hopefully going to complete this lineart within next week!

Japanese name suffixes.
I guess I had to cover this issue soon or later. I'm thinking about it a lot too lately.
When it comes to write in English I'm not very confident because I'm not a native speaker. Therefore I'm not sure how suffixes as "-chan" and "-kun" would sound. That's probably the reason why, despite being set in Japan, dialogues in PBS lack those.

I've been completely against them for a long time for no apparent reason. I just didn't find the thing convincing enough. However, lately I started thinking about implementing them to create more atmosphere in the game. Because of the anime-like graphic and game's ideal audience which is supposedly anime and/or OELVN enthusiastic, it may be appropriate after all.

What I need to decide though is: which suffixes?
I personally believe some specific words like "-niichan" or "ojousama" could be confusing for who isn't so found of the language. On the other hand, I think any reader can grab a meaning from the context if it's well hinted. I only wonder if it's going to be bothersome when such word is repeated for too many times...

I'm still studying the matter as you can see 😅 I guess I'll gather more opinions and check other works to have a better understanding. For the moment, I can tell you I'm likely to implement "-chan", "-kun", "-san" and such for the demo release.

(Therefore, we'll probably need to say goodbye to Isahai's nickname for Kairi, "Naky", and wave hello to a more Japanese "Nacchan". Hope that this choice doesn't hurt the humor... 💦)  


As anticipated and in the lucky case I don't get swallowed up by Carnival celebrations (aka day job) 😅, next week (5-11) I'm going to work on the masked-Kairi CG more, especially the background art.

Thank you for reading, see ya!🙌💜

Mysterious CG art.

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