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Similarly to September, October was a busy month as well, and that prevented me to keep up the work on Serenade and the entries for this blog at the usual pace. Nevertheless, my work on it didn't stop a minute, and the sprite for Doc. Isahai is almost finished, while the story got significantly enriched thanks to some recent researches I had the chance to do. But let's cover the Isahai's part first. : )

I plan to provide a profile card within next week, but I guess it'd be nice to write some disclosures about him now as well, so let's go with the emotions map : D
(Some emotions are hidden because I want to reveal them directly in the game).

Click to enlarge.

As previously stated, Haruto Isahai is Kairi's brain specialist. Before they meet, Isahai had grown tired of his job and, also because he got moved by the birth of her first daughter, he wanted to become a pediatrician. Kairi's weird case made him enthusiast about neurology again and Isahai ended up developing an awkward attachment towards him.
Initially, I depicted Isahai as a 33-year-old man. 

For what regards the second part of this post I'd like to talk about my latest researches for the story. My main concern about it is that while I'd like it to pour in it from my imagination, I also want it to be quite "real". I know that anime and games' fans like to meet characters that are "ideal" and somewhat "different" from who you usually meet from day to day. I guess there lies the interesting part of immerse oneself into a story and its magic. And while I want to preserve this aspect because it's the reason while I'm writing Serenade, I also want to depict some "brute reality" someway. And lately, I realized that Kairi himself was so "poorly real" that he ended up being a cliché. 

I spent the latest weeks investigating on this aspect and, while I gave up a lot of the time that once was aimed to the demo's completion, I'm very satisfied with the knowledge I got and I believe I can now do a proper job on the story. That's also why I started the visual work from the "Isahai scene", the only one from the second half of the demo that doesn't require to describe Kairi's personality : D.

Next week (30-5) I'll be finishing Isahai's sprites and I'll probably start working on the background for the same scene. Thank you for reading and for sticking to Serenade development, see you! : D
Back in August, I introduced the last character for the Kujikawa arc, Doc. Isahai, the brain specialist in charge for Kairi's medical treatment. This past week I began working on his sprite, so I'm going to talk about this process and some logistic decision I took for his display.

First of all, let me remind you about the genre of Pitch Black Serenade, which I intended to have a quite classical story (a heterosexual love triangle), probably able to appeal both male and female audience. Nevertheless, I aim to impress the female audience more than the rest and make Serenade a very specific genre. That's why, even if not romanceable, there are going to be several male characters which are appealing in appearances and personality (or at least, it's what I'm aiming at (-﹏-。)) . Doc. Isahai is indeed meant to be one of them. And he also has two distinctive features that I would call "weird" for a secondary character.

First off, he's going to have three poses. Other main characters as Fujisa or Teru are yet to be completed so I can't say how many poses they're going to have in the end. Still, Isahai has one more than them at the moment. As said before, I designed him to be appealing, so I guess he has to be expressive to a higher extent.

Secondly, the player can choose whether to meet him again or not after their first encounter. I wrote drafts for a bunch of scenes with him, but as a player one can choose if to go through them and deepen their knowledge about Isahai and the friendship with him. That being said, meeting him or not won't change anything storywise, it's a choice tied to the feelings of the players, in choosing the friends they'd like to have from time to time. So it's even possible to discard Isahai whenever you don't want to have him around. This may help feeling the world of Serenade a bit more real.

A lot have been said, time for some art of the doctor (his clothes are at the concept art stage) : D

Isahai is going to have a clinic white coat, obviously, but the player can meet him in plain clothes as well. Also the head turn of some degrees and has another pose for the right hand as well. The third pose for him is something very different and I'm going to work on it during next week (2-8).

Before leaving, I'd like to show you the amazing Teru I received for my birthday back in September, by Gospel from Gosatsu developer team (if you haven't, check Shinrai, their addicting mystery murder visual novel!)

Doc. Isahai

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