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Posted by : Kuna (admin) Sunday, September 24, 2017

I recently stumbled upon the comedian Whitney Cummings' entry for Tim Ferriss' book Tools of Titans, who candidly states: 
In order for art to imitate life, you have to have a life.
And again:
As a writer, you have to be vulnerable. Before, I was so overworked, I was such a chronic workaholic that I didn't have a life. And in order for art to imitate life, you have to have a life. 
For me, art was imitating art because all I was doing was working.
Terribly true for me. For the past ten months (by the way, this website is now a year older!), I scheduled my days as there was nothing else beside my irl job to pay rent and bills, and Serenade development. No time at all destined to social life (my irl job is very social anyway eheh), or Netflix and other pastimes. When I wanted to refill my imagination with new stimuli, I'd search for an anime that would serve the purpose. I had no meaningful interactions with other people and I felt strong because, since nothing was happening, my emotional balance was safe and I was fully productive. But I recently found out it was an illusion.

As someone probably noticed, August posts weren't regular. As they say, life happens, and I found myself reprogramming anything in my life according to recent events (nothing bad happened, don't worry!). For I became "vulnerable". I had a truly great time back in July, when I was inspired by some anime episodes, or songs. I came up with exciting ideas for Serenade and I felt like I was "doing it right". It was a great period. And when it ended, or better, when it was completely replaced by life's unpredictable turn of events, I felt lost. All the script I wrote during the past months came out pretty good in my eyes. But as Cummings says, I was imitating those anime I was watching to get inspired. Good or bad, I don't know. But, conscious of this new awareness, it may lack something in the process after all.

Enough with talking. From now on blog posts will resume regularly : D. So, this past week I worked on concept sketches for the script I wrote since early July.

First part of scene V is set at the university cafeteria. Since I want to use the "visual" feature of the game the most I can, there will be plenty of items showing up besides characters' sprites. In this case is food and a notebook, that will come in handy later during the "free roaming" part.

Second part of scene V is set in the clinic Kairi is attending to cure his amnesia. I've already featured a sketch of Doc. Isahai in a previous post and in the upper right corner of the page you can have a glimpse of his office. Don't want to add more to leave some suspense eheh.

Next week (25-1) I'm going to work on Doc. Isahai sprite itself. I ended up planning three poses which it's a lot for a secondary character, but I'll explain my decisional process better next time. See ya : D

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