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Posted by : Kuna (admin) Sunday, April 9, 2017

The works I carried on during this past week ended up being different from my original plans. I completed scene no.3 (I think I will continue editing it with new info as soon as I write new scenes, being it deeply crucial for following developments) but I ignored writing the tutorial or designing the choice screen. I started working on two new sprites instead.

Un post condiviso da Kuna (@akiz0ra) in data:
Kairi's parents. Since one of the main theme of the story is family, I aim to put a lot of care into these two characters. I started working on his mother.

A standard pose and a pissed off one. 
About her oufit of choice, I sketched a plain one. Colors are pinkish/orangeish to match with the "apricot" Japanese character of her name. (Once in a lifetime I do the "matching thing" too : D)
So, as I just said, there's an "apricot" meaning in her name. I actually changed it very recently. First she was called "Keiko", now I chose "Anna". I also revamped her profile description (profile image is old):

Sometimes I think I kind of rush with name decisions. Usually I find myself in need of a name for someone/somewhere and to fill the blank space I pick the first one that comes to my mind. I wasn't very satisfied with "Keiko" for this reason, so I changed it. (I think I'm going to change Kairi's father's name as well). As her design, it changed a bit. She probably looks a bit younger than before : D. (I also changed her birth date and height, making her a little shorter).

I want to edit other characters' heights as well, I think I want them to be a bit shorter. At the moment, I revamped Teru's profile, adding a different description (previously I wrote that he wanted to study Criminology but I changed it and now he's studying Law as Kairi and Fujisa. But what's more important, the new description focuses on what it's relevant for the story, in other words his secret affection for Fujisa):

As always, you can check all the characters' profiles in the profiles page (only Kujikawa arc's characters being available at the moment).

Next week (10-15) I'll keep working on Kairi's parents's sprites, planning to finish mom's one :D. See you next update!

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