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As previous week went smooth as silk, the one that just passed wasn't that lucky... (-ω-;)
Well, there are times like this too, I guess... Anyway, the "hospital CG" is no far to be completed, here's a preview:

You already saw it in the previous blog entry, the perspective is a bit unusual as the scene is depicted from Kairi's eyes. I wanted to reproduce the moment he opens his eyes after getting caught in the car accident. And, as anticipated in last blog post, this perspective is also relevant for story purposes.

I also went on with the writing for scene 4 and scheduled May and June plans that now are a bit more realistic than what I expected back in November. I'll talk about it next time.

And lastly, another small notice. I'll take a two weeks break from gamedeving starting from May 1st because I need to take care of a side business of mine. Actually, I think I'll be able to keep working a few hours per day anyway, but I thought it would have been meaningless to update with minor progresses. So next post with Serenade contents will be on May 21. I don't want to stay silent all this time though, so I'm thinking about publishing some tutorials in the meanwhile. Stay tuned : D

CG progresses

As anticipated last week, I changed Kairi's father name in "Kazuran". You can also check his updated profile card in the Kujikawa Characters page. His sprite too is completed:

Maybe you noticed, Kairi's parents don't look very friendly (Anna got a pair of "fake expressions" in addition) and it's part of the story, or better, it's part of the gameplay. I don't plan to anticipate anything now because I'm far away from programming that part. I'd like to test it properly and then show you the result that worked better. Anyway, to sum it up, it's related to player's choices: the more Kairi behaves (or pretend to behave) like a good child, the lesser his parents will get angry and restrict his freedom. There's a lot of family theme here eheh : D. Anyway, as I said, I'd like to test it and see how it works. I thought of this mechanic because it fits the story and also gives sense to several choices.

This past week went very smoothly, I managed to work on everything I planned. So second thing I took care of is scene 4. I finally realized what wasn't working with scene 3 and with my writing in general! Remember the thing: "I'm so into the story and know the smallest detail that I can't write it in a useful way for the reader". So I just distanced myself from the story and tried to see it through Kairi's eyes. I still fall into adding too many irrelevant details into Kairi's thoughts, but I feel I'm on the right way at least! : D This was a big problem I had with the prologue (which is scene 0-4), so from the "actual game and on" it should be easier as I don't need to forcefully introduce information and I can just let Kairi tells whatever he wants to. At the moment, scene 4 is around 4k words, only waiting for a final editing.

Lastly I worked on a new CG. It's from scene 3 but I needed to draw Kairi's parents sprites first, so it delayed. It's the "second part" of the CG depicting the car accident: Kairi waking up in a hospital room. Here's the half lineart:

As the previous CG, this one as well hides some clues to find the truth about the accident itself. I say it clearly: I don't want a deus ex machina in this story, but this kind of CG will make sense only after some time spent through the game. Also, it wouldn't be of much use to focus on finding details to solve the story, because I won't put anything that powerful in them. Instead, I plan to make them clues to push the player thinking "oh, something's off." And, as always, CGs like this are from Kairi's perspective, so they may miss something at first and reveal something else later on. In this process I'll try to avoid the deus ex machina the best I can : ).

That's all for this update. Next week (24-30) I'll keep working on this CG and finish editing scene 4. See you : ) 

Mr.Nakajo sprite completed, New CG

Lately real life (=job + housewifing) and Serenade development is taking all my time, so I'm not online that often. This week went quite smooth and there is a touching equivalence between planned task and achieved results :'D. As usual, steps are small, and concrete results a bit far away but I'm trying not to lose myself into the fog of "At which point of development am I right now, exactly?". As someone would say, a wise way to achieve a long term goal without falling in desperation is to focus on daily task and small steps rather than constantly watch the full picture( *• ̀ω•́ )b

Last week I honored you (lol) with a naked gracious lady in her fourties, this time it's the turn of a gentleman in his underwear : D. 
As I already wrote, I'm working on Kairi's parents' sprites, so this picture is depicting Kairi's dad. I changed his name as well as I did for Kairis' mom (reasons are in my previous post). Now he's called Kazuran (和欄). I wanted "Kujikawa characters" to have more poetic names, maybe connected to nature (Kairi's mom has the name of a fruit, that's true, but her name is more "modern" and I anticipate here that it's because she's originally from Tokyo).
I haven't finished expression for Kazuran yet, but he's supposed to be the authoritarian type with cold and silent glares (eek!). I will update his profile card with the new name next week as well.

And what about Kairi's mom, Anna? I dressed her and completed her sprite.

Next week (16-23) I'm going to complete Kazuran's sprite as well, revise and edit script for scene 4 and start a new CG. Have a nice week : D
The works I carried on during this past week ended up being different from my original plans. I completed scene no.3 (I think I will continue editing it with new info as soon as I write new scenes, being it deeply crucial for following developments) but I ignored writing the tutorial or designing the choice screen. I started working on two new sprites instead.

Un post condiviso da Kuna (@akiz0ra) in data:
Kairi's parents. Since one of the main theme of the story is family, I aim to put a lot of care into these two characters. I started working on his mother.

A standard pose and a pissed off one. 
About her oufit of choice, I sketched a plain one. Colors are pinkish/orangeish to match with the "apricot" Japanese character of her name. (Once in a lifetime I do the "matching thing" too : D)
So, as I just said, there's an "apricot" meaning in her name. I actually changed it very recently. First she was called "Keiko", now I chose "Anna". I also revamped her profile description (profile image is old):

Sometimes I think I kind of rush with name decisions. Usually I find myself in need of a name for someone/somewhere and to fill the blank space I pick the first one that comes to my mind. I wasn't very satisfied with "Keiko" for this reason, so I changed it. (I think I'm going to change Kairi's father's name as well). As her design, it changed a bit. She probably looks a bit younger than before : D. (I also changed her birth date and height, making her a little shorter).

I want to edit other characters' heights as well, I think I want them to be a bit shorter. At the moment, I revamped Teru's profile, adding a different description (previously I wrote that he wanted to study Criminology but I changed it and now he's studying Law as Kairi and Fujisa. But what's more important, the new description focuses on what it's relevant for the story, in other words his secret affection for Fujisa):

As always, you can check all the characters' profiles in the profiles page (only Kujikawa arc's characters being available at the moment).

Next week (10-15) I'll keep working on Kairi's parents's sprites, planning to finish mom's one :D. See you next update!

Mrs.Nakajo's sprite

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