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Another dev week is over. Work slowed down a bit because of irl issues, but I managed to accomplish something anyway.

Initially, I wanted to code the first scene of the game, but then I remembered about the gui update of Ren'py so... Instead of coding I spent a whole day studying the new features. This helped me organizing my work better though, and the file for Serenade now is tidier than ever lol.

Lastly, I worked on my painting skills. Last summer I planned to work on a new illustration once a week, but since I started painting sprites and backgrounds for the game it felt useless to waste up to 8 hours every week in side illustrations that will stop the game development progress. So I thought that during months already filled with graphic works I could used them for practice, and maybe paint only one illustration of my choice.
Since I'm not into any series at the moment I didn't feel like painting fanarts and ended up painting one of my oc once again. I'd like CG art in the game to have this feeling~

So, I hope you enjoy it, it's Shin again!

Next week (26-5) I plan to paint the sprite for Cry and then work on an indoor background.
Take care!

November original art

I'm glad I got to work on characters' graphic again because, in my opinion, it probably speaks louder about the project's contents... doesn't it?

This past week I defined the MC Kairi's sprite set. (He will only appear on the screen on the left side of his textbox in the form of a tiny sprite.) I outlined 27 emotions in total for him, and divided them into three poses. 

Kairi is basically a fake character (meaning he pretends to be nice and all). I have no intention of doing any spoiler, but I think it's alright to talk more specifically about "Serenade" contents from time to time. So, I show you the sketch for his emotions chart:

As you can see, the "fake Kairi" emotions lie on the left side and the more we move towards the right side, the realer his emotions become. I plan to use left and central emotions for most part of the game, and leave the "real Kairi" for the last part of the story. I think this could represent the main character growth.

I plan to have some clothes options for characters as well. It can become a lot of extra work so I'll first try with a few basic outfits and see how it goes. For MC it's easier since he only shows a bit portion of his body, eheh.

Basic outfits for Kairi will be: 

I plan to have two more for him.

Lastly, this last week I redesigned the textbox. I used to have a big one covering the screen from side to side, but I grow tired of that design and I made a smaller one.
Each textbox will have the nametag with the color of the character speaking, except for sub characters that will be displayed in light gray. (I was inspired by Yumecast for the shape, but old textbox had different colored nametags so I just mixed the two things)

Next week (16-25) I'll work on the very first scene of the game ("scene 0"), including the coding.
Thank you for reading!

MC sprite outline - New textbox

And so, it's already November! (・з・)ノ゛
I plan to work on the art for "Serenade" throughout the month, so expect posts with lots of pictures!

This past week I worked on the very first scene of the game and its related background art. The game is set in 2012 Japan, half in Tokyo, half in a fictional city called Kujikawa. First part of the game (and the demo I plan to release as soon as I can) is set in Kujikawa, which is an average and tranquil city. Still, it has some peculiar locations directly linked to the very story of "Serenade".

You begin the game in front of a big pink lit street sign stating "Choumugai" in kanji -meaning something like "the city of butterfly dreams" (still struggling to find a way to put romaji as well in the background art... I think I'm going to do it for sure in the final version)- which basically is a red light district properly hidden... or maybe just ignored/forgotten, since all facilities and shops in the vicinity closed through the years. Here's the preview:

As I always complain on my twitter, background art is a thing I'm weak at. I'd need a big amount of time to produce something decent, and since at the moment I'm the only artist of "Serenade" and I also have a full time job, I'm very short in time. So I've found some methods to overcome this problem. The first one works for indoor backgrounds only and I'll probably cover it up in another post (it involves 3D by the way), the second one is the method I came up with to paint outdoor backgrounds, which I think I'm not able to do otherwise.

What I mostly needed in my outdoors were streets from Japan urban scenery so I looked around a bit and ran into this book:

It contains photographs and relative linearts, that are free for use even for commercial works. It comes with a cd-rom with high res photoshop files as well, so it's really easy to use the linearts to make your own pictures.
(I only know this 3 books series having cd-roms, but I'm craving for more if someone knows about other similar books ^ ^) 

So, for this time I used half of a lineart provided from the cd-rom and for the rest of my canvas I traced a photo of an alley I took previously (I traced it with Sai tool for technical lines). Then I added some original items to customize it.
(Signs are made with free fonts I downloaded from here http://coliss.com/articles/freebies/best-of-free-japanese-fonts-for-2016.html)

The result looks like manga art, which is nice. And this also saved a lot of time!

Lastly, I've been working as well on the host of Choumugai, a character called Cry, always wearing a crow mask.
I think I'll write more about him when his sprite is completed.

Next week (7-15) I'll be working on a new textbox (not fully satisfied with the one I'm using now) and I'll outline MC sprite. 

Choumugai background art process - Cry sprite concept

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